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PRP Before and After: Hair Restoration Treatment Effects

Here we'll explain what PRP therapy for hair restoration is, how it works, and the benefits you could experience over time.

PRP therapy to promote hair regrowth has produced positive results in the past, and you should consider giving it a try if you are looking to stimulate new hair growth!

The PRP Procedure

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” The procedure consists of drawing your own blood, usually from your arm, spinning it down into three layers in a centrifuge, and injecting only the best plasma rich in platelets into your scalp. If have gotten blood tests done by your doctor, PRP treatment won’t be too different from what you are already used to.

How PRP Therapy Works

The platelet-rich plasma that is injected into your scalp works to heal affected areas and stimulate reparative cells through the use of growth factors. Growth factors promote the formation of substances like collagen, which is also used in anti-aging serums. This, in turn, will likely show signs of the regrow of your hair. It’s an all-natural formula, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals.

The Benefits of PRP Therapy Over Time

The PRP procedure comes in more than one dose. It is a series of injections carried out over a period of weeks and redone over several months, so you will begin to see changes as you progress through the treatment. We recommend 3-6 treatments and then coming in once a year for maintenance. What you may notice are as follows:

  • Your hair may become thicker and denser in the problem areas being treating

  • The appearance of balding and thinning spots may be reversed

  • Your receding hairline may begin to grow back in

  • Your self-confidence will increase gradually as those problem areas may seem to disappear

Though this may all sound too good to be true, you had better start believing it!

Who Does PRP Therapy Benefit the Most?

Although PRP for hair procedures can help a wide range of patients with different hair loss related conditions, there are a few groups that have been more widely studied and have noticed the best and most effective results. These groups are the following:

  • Those suffering from androgenic alopecia. This condition is also known as male/female pattern baldness. Women can also experience hair loss and can be treated alongside men.

  • Those suffering from more recent hair loss. This is because the longer your condition persists, the less likely it is that treatment will work, though it may still produce some beneficial results.

How to Achieve Positive Results from PRP Hair Restoration

Although it is never a guarantee that you will qualify for this procedure, you should talk it over with a certified injector to determine whether PRP therapy is the right choice for you. If it is decided that you are a prime candidate for the procedure, then you should expect to go through this regimen:

  • 3-6 PRP injections over a period 3-6 months

  • Regular maintenance injections once a year

  • Regularly taking Nutrafol hair growth supplements: 4 pills a day to enhance your treatment results

Please note: PRP needs to be done by a licensed, board certified nurse injector.

If you are looking to do PRP for hair restoration in South Jordan, Utah come visit us at Akin Aesthetics and Wellness and book your consultation over the phone or online today!

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