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Laser Hair Removal Policies:

If AKIN is financing your Laser Hair Removal treatment, payments cannot be deferred. Treatments do not extend beyond the date you signed up for your package. AKIN guarantees 10 treatments during your term. If you no-show of cancel your laser appointment less than 24 hours before scheduled time it will result in a $50 no-show/same day cancellation fee. This fee will be automatically charged to your credit card on file. 


Cancellation: Your membership cannot be cancelled, refunded, or transferred; regardless of treatment results, side effects or changes in personal circumstances. If you agreed to our easy monthly payment program for your LHR package then payments are made for 18-24 months.

Monthly Payment Packages: If you are having AKIN finance the cost of your package over the term of 18-24 months you are agreeing to monthly automatic withdrawals from your bank account. If payments are late or insufficient funds and payment is not received then there is a $20 late payment fee that will be added to the charge. You will not be eligible for laser hair removal until your account is current and balances are paid. In addition, you understand and agree that you will be responsible for all late fees, balances, and cost of collection associated with your failure to make any payment under this Agreement. You agree and understand that AKIN will process an automatic withdrawal every month for your Laser Hair Removal Package. 


By agreeing to getting Laser Hair Removal done by AKIN you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age or will have a legal guardian accept the Terms and Condition on your behalf. Based on clinical standards laser hair removal treatments can be spaced between 4-12 weeks apart. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you verify that you agree that: you have had a consultation with an AKIN representative and you have had the opportunity to discuss your questions. You understand that results are NOT guaranteed and individual results can vary and not be predicted. Effectiveness of your treatments can be lessoned by hormones, pregnancy, medications, UV light exposure prior or after treatments, which ALL of these things are out of AKIN'S control. You understand the risks and possible side effects including, but not limited to, minor burns, temporary redness, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, follicular edema, swelling and itching. You understand that your package cannot be cancelled or refunded because you experience side effects or lack of desired results. 

Packages are designed to give you the optimal amount of treatments with easy monthly payments. 

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