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Akin Aesthetics & Wellness Membership Terms

What is the membership program?

Our goal at Akin Aesthetics & Wellness is to give you the confidence and results that you have always been seeking. The Akin Aesthetics & Wellness Membership Program is a layaway program designed to make our injections and skincare services affordable to you, and provide you with the most optimal outcomes.

How does it work? 

You pick the Membership Program (Silver, Gold, Platinum) that works best for you. Each month, the membership price is withdrawn from your checking or credit account and is saved in your Akin Aesthetics & Wellness Membership account. This money is yours to use toward services and treatments. Depending on which membership you choose you will save from 20-50% off services.

Every single dollar you put in goes towards your services. Your monthly balance rolls over from month to month, never expires and can be used at your convenience. The programs are for 12 calendar months. After 12 month period, membership can be continued month to month. 


Membership Terms and Condition:

Akin Aesthetics & Wellness monthly membership program is designed to help you save on the services you love. Every dollar you put into your account is yours to use on spa services and products. Our memberships are design for a 12 month duration and go month-to-month there after. By joining our membership and receiving the saving you agree to automatic monthly payments that will be withdrawn from your checking or debit account and transferred into your Akin Aesthetics & Wellness membership account every month in behalf of Akin Aesthetics & Wellness. If payments are late or insufficient funds and payment is not received then there is a $20 late payment fee that will be added to the charge.


Memberships cannot be cancelled during the first 12 months, cannot be transferred and membership savings cannot be shared. If memberships are cancelled before 12 months, you will be charge 50% of the remaining payments due & any sign up promotion that was given

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