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Summer and Laser Hair Removal

Summer is one of the trickiest times for laser hair removal. With the heat comes poolside tanning and beach-time sunburns. If you are getting laser hair removal over the summer, avoid disrupting your treatment intervals by taking care of your skin and avoiding extensive sun exposure. Telling your esthetician about your recent sun exposure helps you stay on your intervals while also keeping your skin healthy and safe.


Sunblock is your best friend during the summer (and anytime for that matter!). Be sure to use a mineral sunblock that contains zinc oxide; it gives you stronger coverage and protects your skin longer from the sun’s damaging rays. If you are sunburned or tanned when you come in for your treatment, your technician is unable to treat you due to the safety concern. This is because the added heat from the laser can damage your already sun-damaged skin. Wearing sunblock daily can prevent many of the adverse reactions that can come from sun exposure combined with laser hair removal. Check out our Alastin sunblocks in our office or online for great protection.


Extended sun exposure throws off your treatment intervals, resulting in less-effective results. Whether you are in the sun for 20 minutes or two hours, the UV rays can cause damage to your skin that does not combine well with laser treatments. Adverse reactions can include burns and hyperpigmentation. This is why it’s essential to wear sunblock when you are outside, even for a quick car ride to the store. Prevent throwing your treatment intervals off by avoiding extensive sun exposure and by wearing sunblock everyday.


Sunless tanning products can also have a negative effect on your laser hair treatments. The various chemicals in sunless tanning products, such as lotions or spray tans, cause adverse reactions when combined with the laser heat. Be honest with your esthetician about the products you are using and when you last used them.


Though it may be tempting to lie about your recent sun exposure to your esthetician in order to stay on your treatment intervals, you are ultimately doing more damage to yourself than helping. Adverse reactions can occur if there is recent sun exposure or chemicals on your skin that the esthetician doesn't know about. We want to be able to give you the best treatment to keep your skin healthy and give you great results.

Give us a call or schedule online to book your laser hair removal consultation and treatment here at Akin Aesthetics and Wellness in Riverton, Utah.

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