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All Your Emsculpt Neo Questions Answered

Emsculpt Neo is an investment, and it's important to ask a lot of questions before moving forward with a treatment series because we want to make sure you get the results you're looking for! We've rounded up the most frequently asked questions from guests who come in for Emsculpt Neo.

IT MAKE ME LOSE WEIGHT? No. The thing with fat reduction procedures, whether surgical or not, is their minimal impact on the scale. You can have a decent amount of fat removed and you'll look very different, trimmed, and thinner. However, you will not see a big shift on the scale. The only ways to see significant changes on the scale are prolonged lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, or surgical weight loss procedures. But it's important to distinguish between a weight loss procedure and a fat loss procedure. Emsculpt Neo is a fat loss procedure.

AM I TOO OLD FOR EMSCULPT NEO? There is absolutely no age limit for people who can qualify for this treatment. Most people who get Emsculpt Neo do it for the aesthetic benefits of a flatter stomach and toned arms, legs, and buttocks. However, one of the main reasons Emsculpt Neo is so popular is how much it strengthens your core, and older patients stand to benefit the most in this respect. As you age core workouts may become difficult or impossible depending on your overall health, and the risk of injuring yourself while working out increases. And since core strength has been linked to reduced injuries and reduced back pain, Emsculpt Neo will be helpful whether you want it for the visible benefits or not.

WILL I LOOK SKINNY IN JUST FOUR SESSIONS? No. In fact, a maximum BMI of 30 is suggested for your baseline if you're hoping to get Emsculpt Neo. Emsculpt Neo is intended to build muscle and burn through mild to moderate pockets of fat.

DOES IT HURT? It doesn't! Emsculpt Neo is surprisingly comfortable for a device that contracts muscles. A typical session goes something like this: we'll turn on the device at a lower power percentage and see how you feel with it. As you ease into it we will increase the power. After a few minutes we usually have it up to 100% and the sensation is intense, but not painful. You might feel minimal heat too, and that's ok. It's the radio frequency (RF) heating up the fatty tissue in order to burn it off. If anything is uncomfortable during your procedure, it's adjusted right away.

DO I SEE RESULTS QUICKLY? With muscle mass, yes. Within 2-3 sessions there will be noticeable changes in how your muscles feel, and it's very possible that they will be visibly noticeable too. If you have a layer of fat on your belly or arms, the fat tissue loss can take 2-3 months.

WILL IT BURN? Heat is a common part of Emsculpt Neo due to the RF, but it should never be uncomfortable. Your skin might look reddish after the treatment, but it's normal and nothing to be concerned about. If anything is uncomfortable during your procedure, it's adjusted right away.

WHY CAN'T I DO MORE THAN ONE TREATMENT A WEEK? The addition of the RF energy makes Emsculpt Neo a once-weekly treatment only.

I GOT FOUR TREATMENTS—BUT CAN'T TELL IF IT MADE A DIFFERENCE! Before and after photos are key with non-invasive devices like this. Because most of what we do is non-surgical (and thus, more gradual) sometimes the difference is less obvious. Since the minimum amount of treatments we recommend is four, it's important to take photos before your first series and again about three months later. Since it takes up to three months for the fat loss to reach its full result, this will be the ideal time to check your progress.

IS IT SIMILAR TO LIPOSUCTION? No. It will not require any anesthesia or numbing, there will not be pain or recovery, no medications will be required, and it will not remove mass amounts of fat in one day. Liposuction results are dramatic, and those results come at a physical price. The results will be less dramatic with Emsculpt Neo with up to 30% fat loss in the targeted area. However, Emsculpt Neo creates up to 25% more muscle mass in the targeted area—something liposuction can't accomplish.

For more information about Emsculpt Neo and other non-invasive fat reduction procedures, please contact our office at 801-837-3125 for a FREE consultation.

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