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3 Secrets to Successful Laser Hair Removal

We all want to look our best and laser hair removal is a great way to do so! At Akin Aesthetics & Wellness in Riverton, Utah we offer the best Laser Hair Removal in Utah. If you are considering getting laser hair removal treatment, there are certain ways to make the most out of your time with us. Here are four secrets to successful laser hair removal!

1. Properly Prep your Skin

Before your treatment for laser hair removal, it is important to know how to prep the treatment area. First, avoid removing the hair follicle for six weeks — this means avoiding plucking or waxing. On the day of your treatment, shave any hair in the treatment area. On the day of your treatment, it is important not to apply any topical products to the skin, such as lotions, creams, and oils.

2. Stay Consistent with Your Treatments

In order to get the best results, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments. This is mostly due to the fact that hair grows in cycles and one treatment can only remove a certain amount of hair. This cycle is repeated every few weeks until your hair growth slows down or stops. We include 10 treatments in all of our laser hair removal packages to ensure that you get the best results!

The laser hair removal process can take up to 10 sessions to see the best results. But don't worry — we are here to help you through this process, so come talk to us about your long-term goals and we will make sure you leave satisfied with your results! It is important to finish out your treatment series and stay on the schedule that your esthetician recommends.

3. Aftercare is Key

After a laser hair removal treatment, it's important to take care of your skin. If you're unsure of how to take care of your skin after a laser hair removal treatment, you can always talk to your esthetician or request a copy of the aftercare to be sent to you.

Follow these 3 tips to get the best results out of your Laser Hair Removal treatments at Akin Aesthetics & Wellness in Riverton, UT. Schedule a consultation or treatment today with one of our estheticians. Book online or give us a call at 801-837-3125.

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