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Whether it's your first time getting your ears pierced or your 5th, we are here to make your experience easy, professional, and with little to no pain. We use a single use, sterile catheter needle, also known as a cannula needle for all piercings. 

Starting at $79

*All piercings include base jewelry



PIERCINGS - all piercing includes base jewelry

1 Lobe                                                                                        $79

2 Lobes                                                                                     $135

Conch                                                                                        $93

Daith                                                                                          $93

Helix                                                                                          $93

Rook                                                                                          $93

Tragus                                                                                       $93

Nose                                                                                          $93


1. Do you use a gun or needle?

We pierce all parts of the ear and body with a single use, sterile catheter needle, also known as a cannula needle which are used by medical professionals. Piercing with a catheter needle does not remove tissue, the needle opens space in the skin to allow room for the jewelry to sit in. Sterilized jewelry is then inserted into the catheter (which keeps the piercing open) and is fed through the space created by the needle.

2. Does ear piercing hurt?

Most clients feel little to no discomfort during the piercing. Our experts are fast and gentle.


3. What is the age limit for piercing?

We offer our professional piercing services for all ages. If you are under the age of 18 you need to be accompanied by an identified parent or legal guardian. 


4. What are the aftercare instructions for piercings?

Many of the problems arising from ear piercing result from poor aftercare. To ensure proper healing, follow these easy instructions.

  • Always cleanse hands prior to touching your ears.

  • Cleanse the piercing twice a day. Be sure to cleanse especially after shampooing, swimming, and exercising.

  • Use our specially formulated Ear Care Antiseptic when cleansing. You may use isopropyl alcohol as an alternative temporary substitution for Ear Care Antiseptic, but long–term use could delay healing.

  • Use a clean cotton swab to apply the Ear Care Antiseptic. Push the earring gently forward and backward, swabbing between your ear and the earring.

  • Rotate the earring twice daily to prevent it from adhering to the ear.

  • Avoid touching your ears except when cleaning.

  • Cover your ears when using hair spray or perfume, be careful that earrings don't get caught when brushing your hair or pulling your clothes over your head, and take extra care when exercising or playing sports.

  • Do not remove earrings before the specific time:

    • Earlobe piercing: Keep earrings in for 4–6 weeks.

    • Cartilage piercing: Keep earrings in for 8–12 weeks.

  • Return for a free follow–up visit in four weeks or sooner if you have any questions or concerns.


5. Is it OK to change my earrings or take them out during the healing period?

No. Wait the full healing time before switching the piercing. If you try to take it out before it is fully healed you risk the hole closing up being very painful with re-inserting.

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